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The Website Dilemma

Confused about the Internet and how technologies such as domain names, web hosting, email, search engines, and payment gateways can be used to enhance your business?

Need a website but the process seems too complex and costly?

Find web designers expensive and limiting to your changing requirements?

Overwhelmed by complex software tools to manage your website?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the following will help to demystify the Internet and offer a simple, cost-effective solution to manage and/or create your own website.

The Internet

The Internet is a world-wide network of web servers, which are computer systems for storing and sharing information across high speed connections. On each web server there can be many thousands of websites. A website is a collection of web pages each of which can be accessed using a specific address. A web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, is an application program which runs on your computer, tablet or smartphone, enables you to type the address of a web page, locates the page and displays it.

A website usually has its own domain name, e.g., and each page on the site has a unique address. For example, is the home page and is a page containing contact information.

If you enter an address into the address bar of a web browser the corresponding web page is displayed.

Search engines such as Google collect and store information from millions of websites across the world. Google’s website will list the addresses of websites that match a word or phrase you enter into a search box. If you enter a phrase such as website management solutions, Google will display several pages of hyperlinks corresponding to those websites which match the search query.

A hyperlink, or link for short, is a web page address which when clicked will cause the web browser to display that page. If one of the listed sites from your Google search was Website Expressions Pty Ltd - Website Management Solutions - Home, clicking the link will display the home page of the site.

Most websites divide their information into several pages such as Home, About Us, Products & Services, News and Contact Us. Each of these pages can be accessed directly using their web page address or by selecting from a menu at the top or the side of the website.

A website can promote your business, attract new customers and increase sales.

Creating a Website

The typical steps required to create a website are as follows

  • Register a domain name via a domain registrar
  • Arrange for web hosting from a hosting provider
  • Point the domain name to the web server
  • Order email hosting and configure your email client to send and receive
  • Design the site structure and web page layout
  • Code the pages using scripts such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • Source and resize images using a graphics application
  • Enter the text and reference the image files and documents
  • Include the email addresses as links or as the target for submitted form content
  • Add functionality such as enquiry forms and payment processing
  • Upload the web pages, images and other files to the web server

Each of the above steps involves time, money and/or technical skill.

The Options

There are a number of ways to create and manage a website.

  1. Pay a web designer

    One option is to hire a web designer, programmer, or web company to manage all or some of the above steps. You must clearly specify your needs in advance, something that can be difficult if your business is constantly evolving. It may take weeks or even months to agree on a specification and a price, and even longer for the work to be completed. This approach can also be very costly and may not give you the control to restructure or expand your site as your needs change over time. There can then be lengthy delays waiting for any changes to be made and mounting costs. So why pay a web designer?
  2. Use web-building resources

    A second option is to purchase web page templates and use open source software or do-it-yourself web-building products that have limited functionality and content management. Although less costly than having to pay a web designer, these may require a considerable amount of time to learn and may not be flexible enough to achieve your requirements. So why use do-it-yourself resources?
  3. Use professional web development tools

    A third option is to learn scripting or programming and create your website from scratch using professional web development tools such as Dreamweaver, or code the pages directly in HTML, PHP, etc. This will give you flexibility but will require a substantial amount of time to learn the concepts, technology and programming skills, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve the desired result. In addition there is the cost of the software, courses, text books, etc. So why take your focus away from managing your business?

    We understand that business owners need to be able to create a website that they can also change quickly and easily. WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Elite makes the entire process simple and cost-effective giving you more time to run your business.

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