In order to broadcast over the Internet, you need a player.

The WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ streaming service includes a powerful, interactive high definition player with channel information, bit rate selection, volume and full screen mode features provided.

HTML5 streaming is now available with support for mobile devices, including iOS and later versions of Android.

Try the player on the right.

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision is a multiple channel, professional quality streaming service for live broadcasting, playlist scheduling and video-on-demand.

Corporate Video Communication

The WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ integrated, live video streaming service enables companies to directly address and inform customers, prospects, employees, partners, shareholders and other groups with an interest in the company.

Training seminars, meetings and other important content can now be broadcast live to anyone, anywhere at any time, greatly reducing the challenge in collaborating and communicating with a large or spread out workforce.

Using video allows both a visual and audio component to ensure that the message is conveyed clearly while also developing a more personal and engaging touch with an audience.

Live Meetings and Conferences

The WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ integrated, live video streaming service allows trade shows, conferences and other event holders to broadcast content to anyone with an internet connection, adding international interest and increased exposure.

Additional profit can also be realised by collecting revenue from viewers wishing to watch presentations, speeches and other components at a preset price.

Online Education and e-Learning

The WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ integrated, live video streaming service allows you to easily stream your educational content over the Internet.

Start using your video assets for greater engagement and participation among students and other groups, provide professional development and training, extend your reach to distant learners, create monetisation opportunities, expand enrolment without needing more class room seats, and create archives of content that are available on demand.

Build Your Own Brand and Solution

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ is a white label service so content can be freely broadcast using your own logo without having any association with other brands. It also includes a skin-like interface where colours and dimensions can be altered. A small, sleek player for audio can also be used by changing the dimensions in the embed code.

Monetise with Payment System Included

A built-in payment interface allows viewers to purchase content directly from the player.

With direct monetisation for premium content, WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ presents two options which include subscription and pay-per-view.

  • Subscription content is paid for once and then accessed over a period of time. This can be set to weekly access, monthly access or many other
    options including annual subscriptions. All rates can be defined by the broadcaster.
  • Pay-per-view is content accessed by the minute or event, as users pay directly for an allowance of time to play a video or audio stream. Flexible viewer options are allowed such as the ability to make multiple purchases.

Built-In Payment System

With the built-in payment feature the viewer never has to leave the page. It supports both subscription and pay-per-view options, while automatically sending an e-mail receipt of the transaction to the viewer.

To pay for a stream, the viewer enters their e-mail address and credit card details which are securely transmitted using SSL encryption technology.

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to start streaming live or on demand from a white label platform.

Video Streaming

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Vision™ is a web based video streaming platform that enables you to broadcast audiovisual content and allows viewers to watch free or paid programming.

How It Works

Live streaming simply requires a webcam or a digital camera and free capture software such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Video-on-demand streaming permits any kind of content to be shared including previously recorded live streams or professionally created video.

The encoded video stream is sent through a secure internet transmission to the content delivery network (CDN). Media is then distributed worldwide to any viewer with an internet connected device and viewed as video directly embedded on your website.

Streaming as a Service

Live Broadcasting
Includes Mobile Streaming
Built-in Monetisation
Pay-Per-View or Subscription
PayPal or credit cards accepted

Range of Uses

Corporate Video
Live Meetings and Conferences
Online Education and e-Learning
Politics and Government Events
Spirituality and Church Services
Radio, Audio Broadcasts
TV Stations/Networks
Music and Concerts
Sports Events

Technology Features

Playlist Player Scheduler
HD Quality Video Streams
Secure Online Video Platform
HTML5, Flash, RTMP, H264
and VP6 Streaming
FLV, MOV, MP4 supported
MP3, M4A, AAC supported
Embedded Online Videos
Live Streaming