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Client Testimonials

What our clients say...

Elite Package

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Elite is our latest technology business website solution at an affordable price. Launch your own fully-responsive website in 3 easy steps...

1. Choose a template, 2. Add content, and 3. Publish.

There is no need to engage web designers or developers, no design skills or coding required, and there are no setup fees. In fact we offer a FREE trial with no obligation, and you pay nothing until you publish.

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Elite is so simple to use and enables you to create your own beautiful and professional website in minutes!

Emma Dickson

"I have used Website Expressions since starting my business in 2007. As my needs have changed over the years they have always been there with friendly, helpful advice and the products I need to grow my business."

"Being the computer illiterate person that I am, they have been extremely patient and I have found their self-editing websites extremely easy to use. I know help is just a phone call away."

"I recently upgraded to the Elite package and have been amazed at how easy the system is to use. I have created my own website and have the confidence to edit and update the site whenever I feel the need."

"The ongoing 'after-sales' service from Warwick and the team has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Website Expressions for anyone needing an online presence."
Emma Dickson
Civil Marriage Celebrant, Australia

Style Package

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Style is a complete multi-screen (responsive) website solution that provides a great user experience regardless of whether your visitors are on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

With WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Style, you choose a template and add the text and images yourself, or if you would like us to transfer content from an existing website or add new content, we can do this for you for a small additional fee.

Because you build it yourself, this website alternative is less costly than than a fully custom designed and built WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Business package.

As usual, we take care of everything, i.e. domain name, dns management, hosting, support when you need it, and of course, other services such as SEO or PPC are available to promote your site on Google.

Original Building Designs

"I would like to sincerely thank Website Expressions Pty Ltd for helping me set up my own website and guiding me through all the process."

"I was most impressed with the professionalism and quick response to my initial email that this company provided."

"Thanks to Website Expressions, I have now a website that I am able to custom design my content in a very easy to use manner. I am also able to 'link' with other professionals who my business relates to with their websites as this will encourage our networking and will make my website a very useful part of my business to my clients."

"This site has certainly given my business a higher and more professional exposure into the home renovators and developers market."

"I will be promoting Website Expressions to my fellow colleagues and also telling them about how affordable and how easy it is to navigate and to set up. I am sure that this will really enhance my business and help my clients to get their dream home and additions etc in a very informative way."

"I am so appreciative to you Warwick for your non-confronting approach and also for your patience to understand my many questions. I am also appreciative for your commitment to providing easy to follow instructions when I required it."

"Thanking you for being part of my business growth."
David Tanare
Building Designer
Original BUILDING Designs, Australia

Brochure Package

Our very popular WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Brochure range continues to provide an easy to manage website platform for many of our current clients, whether they required a simple one page website or a fully functioning online store.

All WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Brochure websites are built on our proprietary technology and updated with Edit Panel™.

This means our clients have been able to easily manage their content, structure and functionality themselves. In other words, they can quickly make changes to their website which otherwise would require the expertise of a web designer or software developer.

Having recently been superseded by our Style, Business and Enterprise solutions, you now have a much greater choice of features, functionality, and performance depending on your specific needs and budget.

Johnston & Bell Pty Limited

"We set up our first very basic website with Website Expressions in 2006. It was essentially a ‘business card’ on the internet which of course is the minimum needed these days."

"We have now upgraded to a self-editing e-commerce site and we’re more than happy with the results."

"Being fairly computer illiterate from the outset, setting up the new site was a little like learning to ride a bicycle – initially I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t matter. I just kept following Website Expressions’ directions step by step. Practice makes perfect and now I find it really easy to upload new products, change pages, alter text etc."

"The very best thing about working with Website Expressions is their ongoing support – never having to wait on a call centre, always getting help when it’s needed and most of all, the relentless patience from Warwick who never seems to get exasperated. With his help, things I struggled to grasp initially now seem like second nature to me."

"We’ve also had some very good input from their design team...especially Remy and as a result we’ve ended up with a very professional looking website, which we can self-edit, at a very reasonable cost."

"I’ll continue to improve the site as time goes on and that is really the beauty of it – I know that there is a lot more we can do. Not only that, because Website Expressions continue to introduce new features all the time I don’t think we’ll ever catch up with all the possibilities available to us! Our website can only get better and better."
Jenny Bell
Johnston & Bell Pty Limited, Australia

Mega Pacific Pty Ltd

"First all of thanks for your assistance, it has been great to have your support on the launch of the website and online catalogue -- great result..."

"Mega Pacific had three key technical challenges to take its business to a new level. We needed to launch a professional and functional web site, we needed to publish our large technical manuals for our team to access online and we also wished to provide our team with a 'share point' style home page to share out internal documents, news and useful information."

"We had spoken to web designers, major software sellers and code writers and the quotes were staggering and any combination of results remained unconnected. Website Expressions provided us with an easy to use, out of the box and cost effective solution. A great looking website and the tools for us to create a useful and easy document control and catalogue system -- they also provided a functional 'share point' for our team."

"The results are incredible and the costs so reasonable that you are left wondering why it all can't be just this easy. Website Expressions offers a fantastic product that is evolving coupled with a flexible service delivery."
Mathew Hayter
General Manager
Mega Pacific Pty Ltd, Australia

Grasco Custom-Built Kitchens & Joinery

"Graeme and I would like to thank you for all your assistance in putting together our Grasco Custom-Built Kitchens & Joinery website."

"We were very impressed with the assistance that was offered on every occasion whether it was over the phone or by email and we are very proud of the finished product."

"It was evident each time we spoke that you genuinely cared about getting this project finished in an appropriate time frame and we look forward now to seeing what changes the website can bring about to the course of our business."
Graeme & Julie-Anne Homan
Grasco Custom-Built Kitchens & Joinery, Australia

Nexus Design Pty Ltd

"Thank you very much for my website."

"It was online very quickly indeed, and the appearance is exactly what I had in mind. It looks extremely professional."

"Within a few days I have learned to edit and update the site, and I now realise the advantages of being able to edit the site myself. I will recommend you to my colleagues."

"Thank you again."
Mike Alexander
Nexus Design Pty Ltd, Australia

CAF Australia

"Website Expressions and the staff team have designed and established an Intranet site for CAF Australia which is ideally suited to the needs of CAF’s clients – the simplicity of the site design is both very attractive and extremely user-friendly for our clients."

"The Website Expressions team have been most helpful during the design phase to ensure the site met the specifications of our organisation, and subsequently provided patient, professional and friendly technical support during the establishment of the site, and ongoing follow up support as needed."

"CAF Australia is extremely happy with the website and the technical support offered by Website Expressions."
Sue Mackinnon
Overseas Project Manager
CAF Australia

Kahibah Sports Club

"Thank you so much for your ongoing service and support. From the very start, your team has been incredibly helpful with the set up and maintenance of our website."

"As we are by far technical novices, we appreciate being able to call at any time to get assistance over the phone."

"The customer service element of Website Expressions pushes your company ahead of the rest."
Kate McGregor
Kahibah Sports Club, Australia

Big Time Wine

"Website Expressions offer a range of truly excellent products that allow the user to not only market their business with great finesse and in a professional manner, but they also offer a friendly, caring service team where nothing is too great or too difficult for them to deal with."

"I have been greatly impressed with Website Expressions and know that as my business grows it will do so with them as one of my preferred business partners."

"I am looking forward to a long and fruitful future with Website Expressions helping me take my products and ideas to the world!"
Craig Toshack
City Cellars, Australia


"Nothing is more daunting than embarking on a journey where the destination and the route travelled are so unclear that you don’t quite know when or if you ever get there."

"So it was the case with trying to set up a website knowing approximately what you wanted to achieve, but not really knowing options available for both the destination or the method."

"I think it is human nature that we like to collect as much information as possible to assist us in making a decision and trying not to make a mistake."

"Waterlilly’s association with Website Expressions began in much the same way. Carefully and consistently we were coached on HOW to make the decision that best suited us. Given that the world of the Internet is in a state of constant flux, it made sense to me at Waterlilly to use the program set up by Website Expressions that offered us the quick and easy way to facilitate changes to the template chosen for our website."

"The ability to design a core template for the website and the fact that we could, can, and are managing the site is testament to the initial design and implementation and fantastic back-up from the team at Website Expressions."
Paul Hoffmann
Managing Director
Waterlilly, Australia

Business Package

The WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Business package is a fully customised solution which runs on a powerful platform with built-in capability for the features you require now, plus much more, so your website can grow and change if your needs change in the future.

In particular, it includes a full-width display format on desktop computers, responsive design for optimised user experience on mobile phones and tablets, modern presentation features and widgets for ease of use for visitors, an online store capability with shopping cart and payment gateway, built-in CRM, secure zones, blog and email/newsletter capability!

Your new WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Business website will be developed specifically to your individual requirements following a detailed analysis and quotation phase.

Therefore, you only pay for the features and functionality you require.

Wilde Beer

"Narelle and I have just spent a few days totally updating our website."

"We started a little apprehensively but soon discovered how straightforward and flexible your software package is."

"The Edit Panel™ allowed us to be quite creative and see the immediate results in Preview."

"We have found Website Expressions' staff to be wonderful with advice and help and very professional with their guidance. Thank you again Website Expressions."
Chris and Narelle Gordon
Koala Beer Pty Ltd, Australia

Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter

"On behalf of Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter, I would like to thank the WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS team for their tireless efforts in getting our brand new website up and running. We finally have a website that is jam-packed full of useful information and yet remains user-friendly and very easy to navigate."

"Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter is a small local charity dedicated to the well-being of the people in our community. Over the years our service has expanded from 24 hour Telephone Counselling to include personal and financial counselling as well as community and corporate training and we have long realised that we were in desperate need of a website that could grow with us - a website that was flexible and above all, easy to edit."

"Luckily we were introduced to Warwick from WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS who provided a very competitive quote, a professional, all-inclusive website package and answered all of our questions and concerns without the usual IT jargon."

"In the short time our website has been operational, we have expanded it to include online training registrations and a basic e-commerce section capable of capturing payments and donations. We have even added an Online Op Shop complete with a shopping cart and freight calculator that is linked to a payment gateway. We have been able to completely edit every section of the site ensuring that it is always up-to-date and relevant."

"I would highly recommend a WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS package to anyone who wants to have a professional, fully editable website. I would highly recommend the WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS team to anyone who is 'I.T-challenged', such as myself or to anyone who wants clear, concise information and after sales support."

"The team are dedicated to customer satisfaction and nothing is too much trouble."
Julienne Constable
PR & Marketing
Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter, Australia

Enterprise Package

A high performance scalable solution!

WEBSITE EXPRESSIONS® Enterprise is a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform which is customisable to your unique requirements, capable of integrating with third party online systems and scalable to support future growth.

With a fully functional administrative interface that gives you complete control over your store, you can manage your online business from anywhere and at any time.

Designed and created as a unique solution and specifically tailored to your needs with the resources to handle increasing volumes of traffic and transactions, it has the capability to project your brand and deliver an engaging online shopping experience for your customers.

Poster Plus

"Well we finally made it! A big thank you to Warwick and his team."

"When we started out with Website Expressions, it was a daunting task. Being an image based business we certainly pushed the boundaries in many aspects but we could not be happier. Our journey from start to finish was guided by the professional team at Website Expressions with easy to follow instructions and endless patience in getting us to where we wanted to be. Our questions (and yes there were many) were always handled as if it was the first time they had been asked, and answered in a way we could understand and learn."

"We have had numerous comments from our customers complimenting us on our website as it is effective and easy to get around. With clever use of the keywords, our wholesale customers can filter our specific publishers and products to make it easy to place wholesale orders."

"We launched on Friday 26th November and received our first orders that night. Excitement Plus we should name ourselves. Our website is still a work in progress with many features that Website Expressions offer being incorporated as we go."

"Once again thanks for getting us to the starting gate with all your help and assistance. It has been greatly appreciated and we look forward to growing our online business with Website Expressions."
Julie Sullivan
Poster Plus, Australia

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