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Hosted Email

Are you searching for an efficient and cost-effective communication and collaboration system?

Hosted email may be the answer...

Why Hosted Email?

The need for an emailing system for effective communication and collaboration is a necessity for any business today. This need is more pronounced with globalization wherein customers and sometimes even employees are spread around the world.

For a small and medium enterprise, managing and maintaining email servers in-house to store the plethora of message data not only costs a fortune but also demands resources in the form of special staff and infrastructure.

There is a more efficient, cost-effective and secure way to handle your business email requirements – hosted mail.

What is Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail is an email hosting service built with the needs of a modern business in mind.

It provides best-in-class features exceeding even those of desktop emailing software for business users to communicate effectively while catering to the fine-grained customization and mailbox management needs of IT administrators.

Additionally the seamless contextual integration with 20+ other Zoho applications provides higher productivity & collaboration.

Why choose Zoho Mail?

1. Safe, reliable & secure
Zoho’s servers are housed in the most secure data centres. They use the 256 bit SSL encryption, state of the art infrastructure and software security to ensure the safety of your data.

2. No distracting Ads
Zoho Mail values your privacy and experience using our service. They do not display ads - not even in the free version.

3. Part of Zoho
Zoho Mail is part of the Zoho family of products. Zoho has a comprehensive portfolio of applications contextually integrated, enabling you to work smarter.

4. Value for Money
With Zoho Mail, you need not pay an arm-and-a-leg to manage business email hosting.

5. Access anywhere and anytime
Access and manage your business email anywhere and anytime with data stored on the cloud. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. It's that simple!

What are the features of Zoho Mail?

1. Multiple Domains
Zoho Mail offers extensive domain management options for businesses. You can register a new domain, manage multiple domains and easily enable mail hosting for an already owned domain.

2. Extensive Control Panel
The powerful admin control panel with its simple & robust interface gives administrators complete control on the functions of Zoho Mail like email restriction policies, domain management, group management and more.

3. Unlimited Aliases & Groups
Enterprise admins can create multiple aliases for corporate users which lets them change the 'From' address in emails to blend with the message & recipient. Organize email accounts into groups to easily exchange and share messages among users.

4. Email Policies
Block emails based on IP Address, domain and subject content for the whole organization, control incoming/outgoing mails for corporate users, manage spam blacklists/white lists. Be in complete control as an Administrator.

5. Easy Migration
Migration to Zoho hosted mail is a breeze. You can have our support experts walk you through the process or download the self-migration tool.

6. Powerful Search & Filters
Instantly snatch evasive messages based on your criteria & view results in separate tabs. Make specific emails stand out in the crowd. Filter emails, tag them with labels & flags and directly move them to specific folders.

7. Folders & Labels
Organize your emails in the familiar tried and tested folder structure and also tag them with labels customized for your business. Set your own label colours and never miss out on messages that scream "Attention!".

8. Instant Chat
This built-in instant chat allows your corporate community to quickly come together to discuss important topics and make decisions faster. Best of all, it runs entirely on your browser as a non-distracting sleek bar at the bottom.

9. Calendar, Tasks & Notes
Your corporate users can keep track of important tasks, share calendars, take notes, etc. making collaboration smooth and effective. For savvy users syncing is seamless with popular desktop clients.

10. Multiple Email Accounts
Why not access all your favourite email accounts from one place? You can configure other POP accounts in Zoho Mail, each of them displayed as an exclusive module with a single click.

What Next?

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